08 January 2007

Ladies in White Urge Pink Visit

Code Pink and Cindy go to Cuba to whine about how a bunch of islamofascist terrorists are being treated .

I know…..Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Yawning Chihuahua


The Ladies in White, the Iron Ladies of Cuba, have gotten media savvy. While the Pinkos where in the Red island, the Ladies in White sent a letter to the activists urging them to help in the plight of their jailed husbands and sons.

Mother to Peace Mom.

From the AP’s Vanessa Arrington:

The Ladies in White, a group of women demanding the release of their loved ones,
described what they called "inhumane" conditions at Cuba's prisons in a letter for Sheehan that was sent to international reporters. The group said it was trying to get a copy to Sheehan as well.

"At the same time you and your noble followers fight for the closure of the U.S. prison at the Guantanamo naval base ... just a few miles away at the provincial Guantanamo prison in Cuban territory, peaceful and defenseless political prisoners suffer inhumane conditions, (living) without potable water and with poor nutrition, deficient medical assistance, insects and rodents, limited visits and precarious communication," the letter said.

"We exhort you to visit the prisons of Cuba, chosen randomly, and not those prepared" by authorities, it added.


It is a brilliant move to appeal to these leftists to basically get involved in the same exact cause that they claim to be in Cuba for: Human Rights.

And it will accomplish two things:

Code Pink will, of course, ignore the request to help another set of peaceful women that are working for justice and peace as Code Pink claims to be doing, thus showing their hypocrisy and their true communist funded anti-American agenda.

And by taking advantage of the media circus accompanying Code Pink to Cuba, they are able to attract some much needed media attention to the plight of their jailed loved ones. and their country.


Jose Aguirre said...

Agree, brilliant move by our brave Ladies in White!!!

ziva said...

Ditto, and I can't help but think of pinky's comment about not being afraid of anything. Easy to say when its never been tested. I don't see her risking her skin for anything.

Martha Roque had the guts to publicly challenge the Cuban regime to either put her back in prison or stop harassing her. God bless her and all the Ladies in White. Also notice, that they do not shame womankind by running around looking like sloppy lesbians, and they manage this without $50 designer polo shirts and celebrity fasts.

El Gusano said...

The Ladies in White are definitely the embodiment of class and courage. My pride and admiration for them is boundless. We really need to find ways to support them.