13 November 2008

Letting The Lying Corps Lie

The Cuban regime’s propaganda machine is working overtime these days.

The propaganda machine has always had two purposes. Internally, its role is to lie to the Cuban citizens. Externally, it lies to the world by marketing the “revolution” and its chief architect, Fidel. They have been very successful at both. Lying is to communists as hammers are to carpenters.

Right now the emphasis is being placed on the marketing.

They’re selling oil, tons of it. They’re not sure exactly where it is or if you can even get at it but they have lots. And for a fee, any country or company that wants to try their luck on the drill baby drill roulette can have a go at trying to find the coveted crude.

They’re also marketing a book by non other than Cuba’s blogger in chief, Fidel.


The 81 year old, terminally ill, tracksuit clad, retired despot wrote a book about Columbia, “La Paz en Columbia”. Destroying Columbia has always been one of Fidel Castro’s obsessions. In fact, one of his first “revolutionary” acts was his participation in “El Bogotazo.” And ever since he took power he has been trying to export his revolutionary disease to the South American country which is finally on the verge of eradicating the progress destroying Castro-virus.

Talk about ghost writing.

Talk about an unbelievable sub plot.

The regime is selling a story that an 82 yr. old, terminally ill man who is reported to have undergone almost a dozen intestinal surgeries, who is too weak to appear in public and who, in his last interview, could not keep a train of thought, even though the interview was highly edited, (In the middle of the interview he starts to talk about Einstein and the theory of relativity and interrupts himself and says: “he was born in Germany, you know”), spent 400 hours penning the 259 page book. Amazing! Not only that, he also penned hundreds of “reflections” too. (in his spare time, between changing the colostomy bag, hurricane forecasting and bossing his little brother around.)

But it gets better. The book markets the idea that Castro and his regime are the good guys in Columbia’s struggle to fight the armed Marxist-narco-trafficking insurgency that has devastated Columbian society for nearly 50 years. You see, Castro in the book tells of his regime’s efforts in bringing about a political solution to the conflict.

That’s rich. Castro exports his Marxist revolution to democratic Columbia, he trains and arms the rebels in a guerrilla war that spans decades and kills thousands. Then, when it’s clear that the guerrillas will never win, Castro tries to force the Columbian government to negotiate and share power with a bunch of hostage taking, narco-trafficking, bomb throwing communist criminals and sink Columbia by using its democratic institutions, like he did Venezuela, against them. And he’s the good guy. Even more amazing!

If the regime can sell that one, well, then they can sell just about anything, like the idea that Cuba is a worker’s paradise or a vast underwater oil field.
Oh well. Never mind.

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