20 October 2008

Joe the Dissident?

Is this a sign of things to come?

Senator Obama is running around the country asking for people to vote for him. He’s shaking hands, kissing babies, eating pie and answering questions.

His path crossed with one Joe the plumber, just some guy in an Ohio neighborhood. Joe asked him a question. Obama’s answer wasn’t exactly politically correct in most of flyover small town America and the opposition jumped all over it. That’s politics.

But in the America of Obama’s supporters it was a crime against humanity that had to be avenged.

And Obama’s minions set out to destroy Joe the plumber for having the audacity of hoping to change his lot in life from employee to small business owner-to live the American dream without being penalized by the government for achieving his dream.

The plumbers union, the sindicato, set out to discredit the pipe fitter. Had he been a member of the union, he would have probably been expelled for having ideologically deviant pipe dreams. His career would have gone down the drain. They do that in Cuba. They took my dad’s syndicate card away so he couldn’t get a job with the only employer in town, Fidel, because he had the audacity to want to leave the island.

Then, the public relations arm of Campaign Obama, the press, decided to dig into Joe’s past. They threw the kitchen sink at the plumber, airing all the dirty laundry from his washing machine. Was the Joe that was practicing plumbing without a license really a McCain mole- a plant? They do that to those who dare ask questions in Cuba also-discredit them. They call them mercenaries in Cuba- CIA moles and spies.

It seems that Obama can only be asked questions within certain parameters or boundaries. Any challenges to his officially created persona are considered attacks. Any questions that are too tough to answer with a platitude or slogan are an assault. If anyone steps over the line, their transgressions are dealt with swift and strong personal retaliations by overzealous followers. Fidel once said “within the revolution, everything, outside the revolution, nothing.” It would appear Joe the Plumber crossed the line and stepped outside Obama’s audatious boundaries.

With the fairness doctrine, rearing its ugly head just over the November horizon, what was once an inquisitive citizen exercising his or her right to demand answers form politicians asking them for their votes in America, could now become a dissident with all the honors, rights, and privileges pertaining thereto.

I know...I'm a hysterical paranoid Cuban exile..BUT it has already happened to Joe the Plumber...and Obama has even been elected yet.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I recall that I warned last year that McCain should not be chosen by Republicans because he'd get killed in the General Election. I'm not prophetical but simply looking at the polls. FOX is doing it's darnedest to blow air into Mac's campaign with one of their typical Faux news stories Joe the Plumber. But broke Americans think it's just smoke blowing up you know where...

Not that everything about the sorted affair is not absolutely true and my wife tells me Joe is taking a right good buggering from speaking his mind. That's a penalty more and more Americans are suffering like the military veterans who tried to deliver a list of questions to the McCain/Obama debate in NY but were beaten and arrested by police with one having his cheekbone crush by a police horse. The two presidential candidates were standing up for veterans again I suppose?

McCain and Obama...I don't like either and would choose crabbing or fishing if they were my only choices. They are not so I will vote for Chuck Baldwin.

My vote is not for sale to either of these two political whores even if the rest of the herd in the country decides to spend election day again at the DC Bunny Ranch.