13 October 2008

Welcome To The Jungle

The media has been quoting Cuba’s blogger in chief, el compañero Fidel, giving his opinions about the American presidential race.

Reading Fidel’s ramblings is painful, but somebody has to do it since reading what the AP, Reuters and others decide to quote can be um…misleading.

Fidel, in his reflections, gives incredible insights into his warped world view. He peppers his observation with communist phraseology to continue the 50 year old façade that he’s a true believing Marxist.

In the name of his reflection Castro says it all: “The law of the jungle.” To Castro, the predator, you’re either the predator or the pray. Nations are also governed by the same rules and the countries have to compete for a limited pool of wealth that is arbitrarily distributed by the luck of the geographical draw.

Among countries: those with a better climates and more arable land, more water and more natural resources in the area where they are located, when there are no more territories to conquer; those that master technology, have greater development and handle unlimited media resources, and those that, in contrast, do not enjoy any of these prerogatives. These are the sometimes enormous differences between countries described as rich or poor.

It is the law of the jungle.

Interestingly, Castro is still clinging to the idea that all the world’s wealth is finite and mankind is condemned to constantly struggle over it. He refuses to acknowledge that wealth can be created, that the pie can made bigger. That’s why when he took over Cuba, he distributed the existing pie to the powerful and strong, himself, and never created any more wealth in an island blessed by nature with fertile land, ideal climate and breath taking natural beauty.

Castro marvels at the fact that the European whites, who are the power elite in the United States, have not solved the Obama problem by following the law of the jungle by praying on the weak minority as he certainly would have. And again, he tacitly endorses the senator, whom he once called the “most progressive” candidate.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Senator Obama when asked why he would raise taxes to small businessmen who make over $250,000 a year, he responded that he wanted to “spread the wealth.” That’s an interesting answer. Rather than wanting to create more wealth so that more people can make over $250,000 a year, Obama, like his fan in Havana, prefers to redistribute the existing finite wealth. This approach has been tried ad-nauseum with no success all over the world. In Cuba, it only succeeded in making everyone equally miserable living in a place ruled by the law of the jungle where only the strong survive.

Of course, to the left, whatever suffering the citizens have to endure to grow the power and influence of the government is of no consequence. The expansion of the all knowing state that ultimately decides how the pie is split and the power that goes along with it, is what's important.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Wealth is finite if you are banned from making any then being allowed to own it afterward.

rsnlk said...

Gusano, you're right. It takes me days to make myself read the blathering of who knows who(m).

Alfredo said...

the dictatorship and commies want ALL of the pie while the people get crumbs!!!