09 October 2008


I have been anticipating this for a few days now.

Ever since to the growing chorus asking questions about Senator Obama’s relationship “with some guy in his neighborhood” started to get louder and his campaign continued to give flippant answers and blow the questioners off, I knew it was coming.

I knew that, eventually, when the talking points about Ayers just being a guy in the neighborhood, and Obama being wet behind the ears when the bombs where going off, and the whinny “guilty by association” rationale weren’t enough, and their backs where against the wall, that they would try to bring John McCain down to Barack Obama’s level.

And who better to scapegoat than the Miami Cubans, the “go to” ethnics, with whom McCain has some common bonds and warm ties.

Today two articles surfaced that argue that since McCain is friendly with communist hating Miami Cubans who are pressuring President Bush to pardon the founder of Alpha 66, Eduardo Arocena ,that he like, Obama, is guilty of , in the words of Sarah Palin, “palling around with terrorists.”

One of the articles comes from the Huffington Post and it tells the sad sorry tale of Max Lesnik of all people, (talk about guilty by association), whose body shivers at the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin in accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists” when the Republicans embrace all the Little Havana terrorists.

Roberto Lovato, the author, takes all his shots at the McCain campaign through the words of Max Lesnik. To Lesnik, of course, anyone who yearns for a democratic Cuba free from his friends, the terrorist Castro twins, are terrorists because they don’t lick the tyrant’s jack boots while they’re getting kicked, like Lesnik delights in doing.

The other more innocuous article comes to us from the Miami New Times blog, Riptide, and it tries to draw a parallel between Ayers and Arocena in a piece called the ‘Tale of two “terrorists”’ in order to excuse Obama’s refusal to come clean about his relationship with Ayers.

Comparing the Ayers affair to McCain’s association with a coveted constituency in south Florida is not only a reach but an exercise in intellectual dishonesty and moral relativity.

Bill Ayers’ terror spree with his communist Weather Underground was meant to bring about a revolution that would destroy American society and value system and plunge it into the totalitarian world that the Soviet Union and Cuba where suffering under at the time, and that unfortunately, Cuba still endures.

Arocena’s Alpha 66 was fighting the same terrorist movement that was fueling and financing Ayers and his merry band of mad bombers. The radical groups of the late 60’s and early 70’s were mostly comprised of Marxist “revolutionaries” who where being financed and supported by the Soviets and by Fidel Castro, the leader and role model of the Hemisphere’s would-be revolutionaries, guerrillas and terrorists.

By fighting the international communist movement that was trying to bring down American society, Arocena was merely trying to preserve the American value system. These Cuban men like Arocena who, in the sixties and seventies, decided to fight communist aggression with some aggression of their own where freedom loving men who saw themselves as warriors in an international struggle for freedom and liberal democratic values.

When John McCain was rotting in a Viet-Cong jail being tortured by his communist captors, some Cubans among them, William Ayres and his friends were trying to turn America into another North Viet Nam. Arocena was trying to stop Fidel Castro from fulfilling Che Guevara’s promise of creating a “hundred Vietnams” including one within America’s borders.

While one set of terrorists where trying to destroy the American way of life and enslave our children under a totalitarian communist system, other “terrorists” where fighting back to prevent that from happening.

Senator Obama and his campaign keeps reminding us that he was only 8 years old when Ayers was setting off bombs. Now, he’s 47. These days, terrorists like Castro, don’t take over countries by terror and revolution. That’s the old Marxist playbook. Nowadays, countries are taken over and enslaved by fast talking politicians that promise change and more equality between the rich and the poor like Chavez, Morales, Correa and Ortega. They later enshrine themselves into power by fixing elections and amending their charters to create constitutional dictatorships. The terrorists of old like Ayers and Castro have never changed their Marxist stripes, just their methods.

That is why it is so important to some American voters that senator Obama explain his relationship with Ayers and ally the well founded fears that some of us have that he’s not another of these 21st Century Socialists that has been backed, groomed by and represents the old Marxist revolutionaries and terrorists of the 60’s.


Fantomas said...

Senator Obama and his campaign keeps reminding us that he was only 8 years old when Ayers was setting off bombs. Now, he’s 47

Si el tenia 8 años como es posible que el lo hubiese conocido en aquel momento . Haberlo conocido later no hace a Obama culpable de aquellos actos

Vamos a dejarnos de boberias gusano si vamos a hablar de terrorismo tenemos que condenar tambien entonces a los 5 espias, alfa 66 , arocena , y a Antonio

el terrorismo es malo venga de donde venga de izquierda de derecha , del mov 26 de julio, de alquaida, donde quiera que mueran inocentes y se destruya la propiedad

Anonymous said...

The definition of a terrorist is and individual or group uses violence to advance their political agenda. Arocena bombed and murdered innocents, including a man who died in his 13 year-old son's arms.The degree to which the rabid Cuban Right goes to justify and legitimate is shocking. Good news is that many of us will start pushing the government to stop coddling terrorists and killers, including those who yell "libertad" before they murder innocents. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Gusano said...


Thank you for proving my point. Terrorists, especially unrepentant ones like Ayers and Dorn, should not be legitimized. They should be scorned and viewed as pariahs, not given law licenses or be allowed to sit on non-profit boards and be University professors where they can spread their violent hate for American values. By serving on a board with Ayres and breaking bread with him and Ms. Dorn, Mr. Obama has shown incredibly bad judgment and compounded it by lying and stonewalling. Shame on him.


Si yo se Fanto. Si Obama es comunista que te pongan en la lista. ¿Y el terremoto, broder? ¿Todo bien?

Fantomas said...

Estuvo fuerte yo estaba despierto 6.40 am

Oye , yo me pregunto ahora que hara Val Prieto, Henry y George and Company for the next 8 years...

Chuparse al negro no sera facil para ellos