31 August 2006

But they have FREE healthcare

In today's Sun Sentinel:

When the Cuban government does something that benefits mankind, it makes news! Why is that? Because they are tyrannical barbarians, that's why. But... they have free health care and public education.

Want to get U.S. and Cuban governments talking? Just mention the weather

By Laura Wides-MunozAP Hispanic Affairs WriterAugust 31,
2006, 10:24 AM
MIAMI -- The U.S. and Cuban governments may avoid talking politics or religion, but as with every strained relationship, the weather is always safe ground.For decades, the two countries have quietly worked together to track tropical storms and hurricanes in hopes of saving their citizens' lives.Earlier this week, eight U.S. Air Force C-130 planes crossed into Cuban air space to track Tropical Storm Ernesto's wind speed, center and other information.In an unusual public acknowledgment Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center recognized the communist island for its

``Special thanks to the government of Cuba for permitting the recon aircraft (to) fly right up to their coastline to gather this critical weather data,'' senior hurricane specialist Stacy Stewart wrote in an advisory.Cuba has long pumped funds into meteorological research.

In 1900, Cuban meteorologists tried to warn U.S. weather officials of the danger of
a hurricane that was moving into the Gulf of Mexico. Their predictions were dismissed by Americans and the storm killed at least 8,000 people in Galveston,
Texas, according to Erik Larson, author of ``Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and
the Deadliest Hurricane in History.''

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