15 August 2006

El Video

I was watching the Maria Elvira’s show last night and she played the Castro-Chavez video.

It was nauseating.

I’ve always hated Castro and could never stand the sight of him, but this Chavez guy is right there with him. I couldn’t believe the crap coming out of his mouth. At least Fidel is polished and articulate . It was like a bad Saturday night live skit or Beavis and Butthead. I have to confess, I haven’t paid too much attention to Chavez and certainly never heard him in Spanish before since I never watch the Spanish news because I prefer English.

Then, Chavez gives Castro Bolivar’s dagger and cup! Who does he think he is?!?

That would be like W going over to see a sick Tony Blair and giving Blair George Washington’s pipe and saber. Those are Venezuela’s national treasures that belong to all Venezuelans, not trinkets he can give to his friends. The audacity !

So I am telling my partner about this guy and it dawns on me that all the crap that he was spewing was just a way to prove that the video was shot on Castro’s birthday. Like a little kid who is told by his parents to say something and he just goes through his little script.

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