14 August 2006

Tremendo Papelazo

I'm no expert on photshopping, but that newspaper doesn't look right to me.

I asked a couple of teenagers. Who just laughed and pointed out all the reasons why they thought the pic was a fake.

But the biggest crock is that "absolved by history" bull. Once Castro is gone, and his legacy is finally exposed (again!) by objective anglos whose names don't end in a "Z" who didn't have a dog in the fight and they all let out a collective sigh while shaking their heads in feighned disbelief saying "we had no idea!" History will condemn him as well his maker.

Castro has no excuse for his evilness. He had the great fortune to recieve religious education from the jesuits. So he knows better. He chose to commit and serve evil, premeditatedly.

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