31 August 2006

Estar Woarz

Ten signs you're a Cuban Jedi
10. you say "Que la force be with jou, acere."
9. you have to constantly tell the other Jedis "It's not a raft, it's an X-wing fighter!"
8. Darth Vader says to you "Socio, if only jou knew the power of el comunismo."
7. Your unpronounceable Jedi name is Acere Monina Santo-Antonio-Come Cable.
6. You have a bumpersticker on your X-wing with a picture of Cuba and the words: "No Castro, No Problem"
5. You pronounce Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, "Estar Woarz: Umpire Estrik-Ba!"
4. Your droid's name is "Arturito."
3. Darth Castro, Sith Master.
2. Darth Chavez, his apprentice.
1. Your other droid’s name is 13-PEO (trece PEO) and he keeps bitching, "Chico, esto no pasa en Cuba!"

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