25 April 2008

The more things stay the same….

Before this week, the previous few weeks brought news of changes in Cuba.

The cynics screamed, the lovers cried, and the commies dreamed.

This week started with the brutal breakup of a peaceful sit-in by the Ladies In White and continued with Fidel warning the Cuban people that he was still making decisions and at the risk of state-sponsored psychological terrorism, he would continue to make the tough decisions to ensure that the free market system would never return to Cuba.

And it ended with Archbishop Ortega settling for the crumbs that the regime throws his way.

Not a word was spoken. The church bells all were broken. And the three men I admire most: The father, son, and the holy ghost, They caught the last train for the coast.

Some continue to be optimistic about the future.

I drove my Chevy to the levee singing that’ll be the day that I die.


GaviotaZalas said...

Quienes conocemos bien aquel gobierno sabemos q NADA CAMBIARÁ porque al gobierno actual no le interesa q las cosas cambien. Estas medidas demuestran q están economicamente con el agua al cuello e intentarán q les entre dinero por todas partes antes de ahogarse completamente. CUBA NECESITA LIBERTAD y esa palabra para ellos NO EXISTE,,,saludos desde ITALIA

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

No "free market?" You must produce enough to sell to have any market whatsoever...

Anonymous said...

tomas you have been drinkig the ron paul kool-aid too much.

although I do support Paul strongly in his views toward the stupid us policy toward Cuba!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

If Kool-aid is made of free markets, individual liberty, constitutional government and money that is actually worth something you could please pour me another TALL glass.

I'm sorry you don't yet see the critical condition of the economy. It will become apparent to all after this election. I just finished Ron Paul's number one best seller book. His proposals, if only Americans were wise enough to elect him, are just what America needs to spare many of us a great deal of pain. However, everybody will get wise soon enough because reality is a tough thing to dodge.