29 April 2008

The "Reforms" Du Jour

Raúl Catro said yesterday at a meeting of Cuba’s Communist Party that his brother’s provisional proclamation whereby the elder distributed his many hats to Raúl and six others was no longer in place.

Fidel, who is still the First Secretary of the Cuban Communist party, hasn’t responded to his deposing on his blog “Reflecciones Del Compañero Fidel.” That gives me something to look forward to. It’s always fun to read what the ghost writers write on behalf of the ghost. I have really come to appreciate their sense of irony and sarcasm.

Raúl also called for a party Congress in late 2009. I am assuming that Fidel, if he makes it to late 2009, will be replaced by Raúl, if he makes it to late 2009 at the Party Congres, if the party makes it to late 2009.

Raúl also “announced a new seven-member executive committee would preside over the all-powerful Political Bureau”. The committee consists of the same geriatric club that now fills the Vice-President positions on the Council of State. They average 70 yrs, and that's with Lage, virtually a babe in the woods, in there driving the average down.

All the Vice Presidents of the Council of State were selected by Fidel in his July 31, 2006 to carry out one of his many responsibilities. In addition, the minister of public Health, José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera was designated by the then tyrant to perform his duties “as the principal instigator of the National and International Public Health Program.” Balaguer is still the Health minister but Raúl did not say who would be instigating the National and International Health Program. Pffft. So no real changes in the sun dried faces.

Effectively, Raúl has cut out a layer on the regime’s “org chart”. He’s either got the party running the Council of State or he’s got the Council of State running the party’s politburo. I’m not sure which. I am not a Stalinist and I don’t understand communist smoke and mirror organizations. But I do know that Raul’s people are running the Army, The Council of State and the Party which means he gets the biggest pork chop at the picnic.

So why have the meeting and the congress and pre determined elections? Well, it keeps everybody busy, for one.

And it gives the Reuter’s Mark Franks the opportunity to proclaim:

Cuban President Raul Castro has reorganized the Communist Party's leadership and consolidated his power as he pushes through reforms two months after succeeding his ailing brother Fidel Castro.

Wow! Impressive! Raúl pushing reforms!
Raúl has mastered the art of making busywork look important and has conquered inertia by making a country stuck in reverse appear like its moving at warp speed.

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