16 April 2008

Raul’s Card Tricks

I have taken to calling Raul the non-magician because he once warned the Cuban people not to expect the regime to solve their problems quickly because “they weren’t magicians.”

But for a non-magician, as I have said, he has put on quite a magic show- a show of illusions and smoke and mirrors-for the world to see.

His slight of hand in doing away with certain restrictions on the Cuban people have been well received by the audience.

Most of his tricks so far have been simple card tricks, where he managed to pull an ace out of his sleeve or guess a marked card.

But soon, he may have to cut a new deck and that’s where it’s going to get interesting.

It looks like the next card Raul is going to pull is the dreaded white card which is what Cubans call the regime's written permission to travel outside of Cuba-an “exit visa.”

Pedro Anibal Riera Escalante made the request to parliament on Tuesday. Expectations are high that President Raúl Castro's government may drop the travel requirements.

This card is a tough card to pull.

Pulling it could very well bring the whole house of cards down.

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