23 April 2008

Slow Postings...

I apologize to the readers of this blog for not posting too much stuff in the last couple of days.

Being an unabashed tree hugger, I spent the day yesterday celebrating Earth Day.

We had meetings about what to do to stop Global Warming. It may not be a big deal to you that live in high elevations, but I’m like ½ and inch over sea level here in the Sunshine state.

According to a report in yesterday’s Miami Herald, well, we’re doomed. South Florida will be part of the Gulf of Mexico very soon:

Hal Wanless, a University of Miami geology professor who has studied sea-level rise in South Florida for decades, understands the threat seems daunting. His maps show that at six feet, a level he considers likely by 2100, only a strip of ancient limestone ridge several miles from the coast would remain high and dry.

So we had meetings and decided that as an alternative to commuting in carbon exhaust spewing cars, we would start to commute in Hippity Hop Balls.


Jungle Mom said...

LOL! with the price of gas I may have to join you!

Henry Louis Gomez said...

You have to watch the video series I posted at Babalu last night at babalu "Capitalism and environmentalism"