28 September 2008

Just A Thought

El compañero Fidel continues his ideological musings from the sidelines, yet it’s clear that the First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and therefore, still Cuba’s leader has had a resurgence of health and influence of late.

As Raúl has remained out of sight, Fidel has been leading the ideological charge from his blog and his hard line sycophants in “La Mesa Redonda”

If in fact it’s Fidel who is writing, and I believe it is, it is clear that at least mentally, Fidel is dong much better.

And it leads me to ponder what kind of resources have been invested into his recovery.

According to Jesús Marzo Fernández an ex-regime functionary, Cuba has spared no expense in acquiring the latest and greatest equipment available to treat the tyrant, have a medical team at his disposal 24/7 and trying experimental procedures including stem cell treatments designed to help Castro regain his mental agility.

According to his sources, the regime has invested $48 Million in the tyrant’s health.

Let’s say that between Cuban hyperbole and the normal deterioration of information that happens when information is passed from person to person by word of mouth, that they have spent $20 Million. (ever play telephone in 5th grade?) That’s 4 times what the US offered to send to the hurricane battered island.

Habitat for Humanity can build a simple home for about $2,500. Assuming the regime’s 20% cut, that’s 6,667 homes that could have been built with the money that was used to keep Fidel writing his reflections.

6,667 families could have had shelter and we would have been spared…

…just a thought…

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Commie style bailout.