17 September 2008

Pretty Pathetic

More than a week after Hurricane Ike roared into Cuba leaving a path of devastation in its wake, Cuba’s new leader has finally shown his face in public.

Yes, Raúl Castro finally came out of his high and dry hiding place to personally inspect the latest damage to the island.

In some places, it’s hard to tell which hurricane caused the damage, Michelle, Denis, Wilma, Gustav, Ike or Fidel. The damage from any of these has never been fully repaired, so one can sympathize with Raúl for not wanting to show his face.

The international press has excused his lax, aloof attitude as his low-key style. I wonder what they would say if a leader of a representative democracy had acted as uninterested as Raúl has. But since he doesn’t have to answer to anybody, except maybe his moribund brother, it ultimately doesn’t matter.

And what words of wisdom, inspiration and comfort did Raúl Castro have for the Cuban people?

"There were places so affected (by the storm), like the island," Castro said in a report on state-run television.

But, he said, "they will be put back as before, and prettier."

Prettier. I like that word ... "pretty." I think I'll use it in a sentence.

Isn’t it pretty to think so…

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