14 September 2008


Cuba is a devastated, hurricane battered island.

By the regime’s own admission, they do not have enough reserves to feed its people.

More than 500,000 homes have been destroyed which would cost $8 Billion to rebuild.

More than one third of the island is in darkness, without running water, food or hope.

And what is Cuban government’s response to all this misery?

Well, its number one priority is not to take care of the Cuban people, but to wage a propaganda war on the United States by saying that it doesn’t need humanitarian aid, but credit-which means to relax the series of trade sanctions commonly referred to as the “embargo.”

Its second priority is to re-start its lucrative tourist industry:

The report in the newspaper stated that approximately 30,000 foreign tourist have arrived since the storm moved into the Gulf of Mexico, and are vacationing at resorts scattered throughout the island.

So while Cubans face the aftermath of the worst natural disaster in its modern history, without electricity, food water or any hope that the regime is going to help them or allow anyone with the wherewithal to be effective, (the US), to help them, tourists are drinking mojitos and learning to dance the Mambo just miles away.

Can you imagine the outrage if the US would have allowed tourists to party in New Orleans’ French Quarter days after the levees flooded the city? No, of course not. The outcry would have been deafening and righteously so. But since its Cuba, the world shrugs and turns a blind eye as usual.

And the third priority is to divide the Cuban American exile community by…Oh no wait, That we do on our own, so that we can support another of the regime’s most lucrative industries: remittances from abroad.


Fantomas said...

REcuerda que el turismo es lo que trae dolares , is their #1 industry
por eso tienen que reparar los hoteles rapido para que siga entrando ese cash

el pueblo puede esperar

Anonymous said...

Let the Cubans live in the Hotels.They belong to the Cuban People anyways, not to the princess which runs the country.

Fantomas said...

No, los hoteles proveen divisas if they let the cuban people there, they will destroy the hotels , it will be worse. they need cash to pay uncle sam

ademas los Españoles will not allow it

they are in for the buck not the compassion aid