11 September 2008

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best.

The Associated Press’ Anita Snow is so infatuated with communism that she never passes up the opportunity to show her love for the system that has been directly responsible for the death of 100,000,000 people.

She once decided, with much fanfare, to go on the Cuban diet- to eat the typical diet of a Cuban who has been forced to live on the libreta, ration card, for 45 years. She gloated about how she had lost weight eating the healthy, simple peasant food and waxed on nostalgically on how the diet reminded her of the simple southern cuisine of her youth. She told us she would celebrate the end of her moth long “ordeal” of an “experiment” by eating a fat juicy steak.

In her latest love song to Fidel, she reminds us of how much we have to learn from Cuba when it comes to Hurricane preparedness:

But if there's one thing the communist island does right, it's evacuations. And in the end, that saves more lives than anything else.

Anita says.

Imagine that. A police state where there is no rule of law and citizens have no rights and are forced at gun point to obey soldier’s orders is good at getting citizens to “cooperate” during voluntary evacuations. (The regime also has a good track record of getting Cuban citizens to perform “volunteer work” for the revolution.)

Is she for real?!? You bet. The secret, she reminds us, is to “teach” the citizens from an early age to follow orders.(or else)…
Cubans are taught from an early age to move quickly in the event of a natural disaster and to follow authorities' instructions. So the government rarely has to force people to leave.

That’s right. Armed thugs seldom do.

But aside from the gun barrel pointed at their heads, Cubans have other advantages that make it easier to leave their homes, according to Ms. Snow.

You see, Cubans live in an idyllic world where going to a shelter means…

… soft beds, free meals, the attention of a doctor and solicitous social workers — and the companionship of other friendly Cubans...

Yes, to a Cuban, a shelter is like a luxury hotel- a reprieve from the daily struggle for their daily bread.

It also makes it easier that Cubans have nothing to lose. They are slaves have very few possessions to get stolen. No cars to clog the highways… nothing to live or die for…the brotherhood of man … and cops who shoot on sight and ask no questions, not first, not later…

Most Cubans work for the government and don't have to worry about losing wages if they take off from work. And because police keep a close eye on evacuated areas — and because most Cubans have few possessions of value anyway — looting isn't a major concern.

Imagine what her friends in the press would have written if the Louisiana National Guard had evacuated New Orleans, at gunpoint, before Katrina hit in 2005. Rest assured it wouldn’t have been a glowing love sonnet like Anita’s piece on the Cuban evacuations before Ike’s landfall.
Snow reminds us that especial attention is paid to elderly and the handicapped who in the US where “abandoned” by “US authorities” during Katrina.

She also reminds us that the revolution is also apt at “teaching lessons” by making examples of those who are injured or die by not obeying evacuation orders:

And if anyone has doubts, authorities quickly put an end to them. The state news media often makes examples of people who fail to move out — and who are killed or injured.

Yes, I remember the regime's examples well. My friend's dad-he didn't want to work for the regime. He wanted to work for himself and provide for his family. He was selling margerine on the black market. He got caught and they made an example of him too. 20 years in jail.

If you follow Snow’s (and the regime’s) logic, the US authorities, which in Katrina’s case would have been Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco, did a bang up job in teaching the US population as witnessed by the way most got out of Gustav’s path in New Orleans. Please!
I don’t know if people like Anita Snow really admire Cuba’s communist collective hell because they want to be part of it or because it flies in the face of the free market system that has given them every advantage but yet they find unfair due to guilt or deeper psychological issues or because they are bigoted elitists who don’t think that Cubans are capable of handling freedom and need a daddy state to take care of them or if they are just useful idiots. But I do know that all these articles do, to use the phrase du jour, is put a bunch of lipstick on an ugly and deadly pig.
And nobody does it better
Though sometimes I wish someone could
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why'd you have to be so good?

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