23 June 2008

Chairman Fidel In Charge

I go away for a few days….

And there’s my half dead blogging nemesis, El Compañero Fidel, blogging me under the table.

It seems he’s gotten his second or third or fourth wind. He was always full of wind, that one.

No sooner had the ink dried on the EU resolution lifting the symbolic sanctions-the Euros are all about symbolism - that Fidel was out there calling the Euros a bunch of enormous hypocrites. Finally! a truth escapes his lips- but for the wrong reasons.

The deal that Spain’s socialist government had worked so hard to broker for the last two years was skewered by the tyrant, because the land of Volvos and the crowded and obnoxious Ikea stores forced the Spaniards to include some annoying language about human rights-probably yet another symbolic gesture, but still annoying.

"From Cuba, in the name of human rights, they demand impunity for those that try to deliver... the homeland and the people to imperialism,"

What cads! The Euros symbolically demand that the regime do not harass, beat, imprison or otherwise silence those who think differently with impunity- while they sip mojitos and screw Cuban teenagers- symbolically, euphemistically and in the flesh.

Anyway, before his brother had a chance to celebrate and embrace the victory in Europe where Spain was able to convince the rest of the EU members to give Raul their symbolic seal of approval, Fidel was already raining on his little brother’s parade.

All Raul’s regime was able to get out was this little blurb before still Chairman Fidel put a big damper on the festivities:

"If it has happened (as described in the news), I think that, yes, it's a step in the right direction," Perez Roque told Reuters

"We've seen the news, but we'll take our time in evaluating the issue, knowing the official decisions and, in the appropriate moment, we will react in an official way," he said.

And that was that.

Then in his next blog entry which he made on Cuba Debate-a debate site where Cuban issues are "debated"-and where ordinary Cubans who have no internet access can’t read much less debate, Chairman Blogger announced to the world that there was NO rift in the Cuban Communist Party:

"I am not now, nor will I ever be at the head of any group or faction. Therefore, it can't follow that there is infighting in the party,"

That means he’s still in charge of the party and there will be no factions, infighting or dissent allowed.

In today’s reflection, where he denies that he his anti European reflection was a diatribe (as described by El Diario de Las Americas), he speaks of watching a lot of sporting events on TV and that perhaps he will “dedicate this time to other activities.”

Watch out Raúl, Chairman Fidel is feeling better... or then again...

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