20 June 2008

Silent Lucidity

If you read the by-lines on the new Fidel video stories, it’s easy to see what the message that the regime was trying to deliver since the international press is more than happy and willing to serve as the regime's P.R. firm and advertising agencies. But that’s nothing new. That’s why we’re here.

The message was that Fidel was Vigorous, Lucid and engaged, no, not engaged to Hugo Chavez, engaged in world events and well enough to be outside in Cuba’s oppressive June tropical heat , wearing the now iconic Adidas warm-up suit.

That warm-up suit! It’s his new super-villain outfit. He’s almost always wearing that one. He’s also got a dark Wilson blue one too, but the Adidas suit is his new look. If you look at all the pictures and videos released of the tyrant, it’s hard to tell which was taken when because of the suit. I mean they could have all been taken the same day.

But we know that isn’t the case because previously…on The Vigorous and The Lucid Soap Opera…they always made sure to include, and very tackily obvious, by the way, a reference to date or current event as proof-proof of life, if you will- that the images weren’t pre recorded at an earlier time. We always got to see the tyrant in his retiree costume either with a newspaper or talking about a specific current event usually with Chavez wearing his junior dictator wannabe costume.

If it wasn’t for those painfully obvious proof of life moments, you would never know when those meetings took place since both super-villains always wear the same costumes.

Anyway, they have strayed from the script on this one and have decided to make this Fidel appearance a silent film. That’s probably because Fidel had such important and indispensible strategic advice for his protégé that it would have been and intelligence bonanza for the Empire if the words had been audible.

In that spirit, I asked a friend who claims she can reads lips to watch the video and try and make out what Fidel was saying. The look on her face was hilarious. She couldn’t make out what he was saying AT ALL. She said between her poor Spanish, the beard, all the gesticulating and the slow and labored way in which the tyrant now speaks it made it almost impossible to make out any words. (She probably just told me she was able to read lips to impress me, but really, all she had to do was pat her head and rub her tummy in a circle at the same time-I’m easily impressed.) She told me that she thinks she made out the words revolution and cow. ?!?!?

So there you have it. The crack team of experts at my disposal have authenticated the latest Fidel video as a silent movie shot at unknown time and location. Fidel in all his silent lucidity…

And since it’s Friday…….a little Silent Lucidity......

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rsnlk said...

I have my own theory about what he's saying: "Hugito, try the green jello, chico! (Hand gesture)
It's the best.