16 June 2008

Motor Mouth Reves It Up...

Hugo is saying that his mentor, Fidel, is “alive and well”

Then again, Hugo also said that Castro used to roam the Cuban countryside at night (maybe while dreaming?) and was at one point “almost” jogging, (away from the angel of death?), so you really have to take what the Venezuelan President says with, well, a bag of salt. He also claimed that he was not involved with the Columbian FARC terrorists, but there are some hard-drives that beg to differ with Chavez.

Chavez is an interesting guy who should really wave listened to some free regal advice he was once given and shut up.

When he announced he was going to visit Fidel for what could be the last time, given reports that the Cuban tyrant has undergone yet another intestinal surgery and is in “delicate” condition, he made sure to over explain his visit by making it very clear that it was just a “working” visit.

Now, when Chavez was asked about the visit with Castro, he automatically makes it sound like someone who just went to visit a very sick friend rather than for a "working" visit:

"Fidel is sitting there, alive and well, thinking, writing and dictating important strategies for Cuba and our Latin America,"

(Heaven help us)

What else did Raúl ask you to say, Hugo?

"Raul, he's holding the reins,"

And how about that Cuban revolution which has just made a giant u-turn on the freeway of Marxism and decided that egalitarianism-equal pay- is incovenient? You know the very same revolution that just last week was described by a party official to be in danger of self destruction if it didn’t adress its many problems.

"This (Cuban) revolution is marching on to a drumbeat ... it's more alive than ever,"

Very good, Hugo….but then instead of heading the free regal advice and shutting up, he keeps talking and offers up this gem:

"In the end, we're one and the same revolution,"(Cuba and Venezuela).

There you have it. An admission from the Venezuelan democrat himself that it’s his intention to turn Venezuela in a totalitarian police state just like Cuba since that is the only thing the Cuban “revolution” ever really accomplished.

Thanks for clearing that up, Hugo. I keep trying to convince folks that your 21st Century Socialism and 20th century Stalinism were clones, and now I have you doing it for me.

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