05 June 2008


Che Guevara was born 80 years ago either this month or last month. His birthday is celebrated June 14th, but rumor has it he was born on May 14th and they made him a month younger on his birth certificate to make an honest woman out of his mother.

Since it’s the Argentine's 80th birthday this year, we are being treated to Che fest: Websites, movies and even an American Presidential candidate with Che-Essence.

Che, like Savior Faire, is everywhere, selling everything from vodka, to cars, to t-shirts - a free market system success story being exploited by the very system he destested.

This irony, though, profitable to Castro, Inc. is “irking” his progeny in Cuba. They are sick of their dad’s likeness being used “to make enemies from different classes.” His daughter, Aleida says “It's embarrassing," Maybe they are upset because they’re not receiving any royalties from their billboard of a dead dad.

I find it revolting that the image of a murdering despot like Che is mass-marketed to the unsuspecting masses, but I was there and I saw what he did.

Camilo Guevara, Che’s Cuban son who was named after Camilo Cienfuegos, has not seen Hollywood’s renditions of his father’s life. (Guevara other Cuba children are Aleida and Ceila who was named after Celia Sanchez-a Cuban revolutionary and Fidel Castro mistress)
"I think Hollywood making its version of his life is positive, as long as they are objective and faithful to real life," Camilo Guevara wrote.
Should Camilo Guevara ever find out he truth about their father’s life, they may a little more than irked and embarrassed, they might be repulsed. Especially when they find out that Uncle Fidel sent their dad to the Bolivian jungle without support and warning the communist supporters of the guerrillas not to give Guevara not even “one aspirin” in support.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Imagine that...big media can get people all over the planet thinking Che is a swell guy. They are expert manipulators of perception. They even have most exiles believing 4 planes were hijacked into buildings on 9/11 by Arabs after flying like aces, that 1800 degree jet fuel can melt hardened steel beams that in my physical universe cannot melt at temperatures lower than 2800 degrees, that the thermite explosive residue found exploded all over Manhattan is not relevant because the big media hasn't talked about it, that tall buildings can fall threw themselves in under ten seconds flat which is as fast as a gravity free fall and the cowardly murderers Bush and Chaney are also swell guys like Che.