10 June 2008

EU Sanctions?

Next week, the European Union is going to be reviewing whether to remove the sanctions they imposed on the regime in 2003 when under the cover of the United State’s invasion of Iraq, Fidel put 75 freedom minded Cubans in jail in what is now called the “Black Spring”.

The current Spanish government has taken it upon itself to work on behalf of the Castro regime to get the European Union to drop the sanctions in favor of what Spain calls “critical dialogue” which means they pretend to criticize the regime, while the regime pretends to listen and pretends to make changes and they both line their pockets with Euros.

The EU, however, has to unanimously vote to drop the sanctions. Fortunately, the Czechs and the Poles, who know full well what its like to suffer through a totalitarian dictatorship, will probably not choose to look the other way and be complicit in the continued enslavement of the Cuban people.

Needles to say, the Cuban dissidents are not happy with the possibility of the EU dropping the sanctions:

"What the (Cuban) government wants is for the opposition to be ignored so it can continue its human rights violations without even a single rebuke from the European Union," Agenda for Transition leaders Martha Beatriz Roque and Vladimiro Roca wrote in a letter.

The new dissident group said that any process to normalize relations between the EU and Cuba "must take into account the Cuban people, to whom the dissidents belong.

"Otherwise, it would mean punishing all of civilian society and especially those of us who are fighting for democracy."

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