03 July 2008

I’ve been taking some vacation time so I apologize for the infrequent posts.

Since my last post, our Compañero Fidel has penned a few more reflections.

He has now become a true blogger since his reflections appear only on the oxymoronically named Cubadebate. That means that Fidel pens his ideas, many of them dissenting from his little half brother’s policies, for the benefit of foreigners and free Cubans who live abroad since the overwhelming majority of Cubans have no access to the internet. Hmmm…..

Have the Fidelistas lost the power struggle that was not taking place within the Cuban Communist Party?

Who knows? Maybe Raúl is preparing the battle field for the looming wave of repression or for the return of Chairman Fidel, (what outfit would he wear? surely not the olive green commander in chief coustume...surely not the Adidas warm up...),to the Plaza Civica’s reviewing stand and podium to review the July 26 festivities.

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