20 July 2008


The “Land Reform” articles continue.

My head hurts.

More land is being made available for farming.


What exactly did Raúl do to make this land “available”?

Did he grow the island?

Did he fill in a bay or two on the Cuban coastline and reclaim the ocean for farming? (Barry O.: take note)

The land has always been available for farming. It’s been sitting there going to waste because the regime, which up to now centrally planned and managed the agricultural programs failed, either by design or by default, to effectively manage the land.

This is yet another white flag of surrender-an admittance by the regime that another one of its policies, another one of their internationally accepted myths – the sustainable, eco friendly Cuban agriculture model- is nothing more than a failure wrapped in a veneer of lies and propaganda.

But now, raising food prices-slumping dollar-are cutting in the regime’s profits so they are forced to make a policy u-turn and with the help of the international press making it sound like another of Raúl’s, “reforms.” (by the way, have you noticed how Raúl’s “changes” have now turned to “reforms”?)


So far the regime is going to allow the Cuban guajiros to buy farming supplies from the regime…cha-ching….. They are going to allow the farmers the privilege of working harder so that they can produce more and the regime can import less…cha-ching…The farmers will have to clear the fallow land of the thorny Marabu to make it productive again, saving the regime the time, money and effort of having to do it themselves…cha-ching…The guajiros will then have to sell their produce to the regime at a price set by the regime…cha-chingcha-ching…AND then the guajiros are going to pay taxes on the extra income that they make…cha-ching

The Cuban guajiros may not be the most sophisticated people on the planet, but do have common sense, an uncommon sense of self reliance and pride. They are nobody's fools, especially Raúl’s.

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