30 July 2008

Raúl Turns Milk To Water

I finally forced myself to read Raúl Castro’s July 26 speech.

No audacity of Hope there.

More like predictions of doom & gloom.

Raúl basically told the Cuban people that he would do whatever it takes to resist the good life of the neighbors to the North, the USA, and continue to work to make Cuba more like its neighbor to the West, Haiti.

Last year Raúl promised milk, this year he promised water.

But….like everything else in Cuba…it will be rationed:

A piece of advise: the more water that is distributed, the greater the need to save it. Water is a very valuable resource which is indispensable for everything; therefore, it should be used rationally.

Next year, he might promise some fresh air and then figure out a way to ration it…and blame the embargo.

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