31 July 2008

Cuban National Urinal

Once Raúl Castro dies, they will cremate him and stick his ashes in the huge rock thate he should have crawled under while he was still alive.

The 130 ton rock was brought from the Sierra Maestra and placed in the Sierra Cristal’s mausoleum dedicated to the Second Eastern front revolutionaries which where under Raúl’s command during the armed upraising against Batista that was lead by his big brother.

Though it’s kind of a downer that no expense was spared to build Raúl’s final resting place, it’s good to know where his grave is so that someday we can all go piss on it.

We may not be so lucky with Fidel since they are hinting that he will be cremated and his ashes scattered over the Sierra Maestra after which the name of the fanous mountain range will probably need to changed to the Desierto Maestro or Loma Mocha or something like that.

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