24 July 2008

Scary "Barry O."

On July 2nd, Barry O. gave his “Call To Service” speech.

I was taking a few days off for a little R,R&D around that time, so I didn’t pay too much attention because frankly, I would have expected nothing more from Barry O. than something along the lines of “ask not what your country can do for us, but what you can do for me.”

To my jaw dropping dismay, today, by coincidence I find out that Barry O. really laid out his socialist agenda for America in a sugar coated version of Stalinism a la John Lennon’s sugar coating of Marx’s communist manifesto in the song “Imagine.”

I read in passing that Senator Obama had issued a call for a “civilian security force” in the July 2nd speech. That phrase made the hair in the back of my neck stand up since I grew up being accosted by a “civilian security force” called the CDR, (committee for the defense of the revolution), in Cuba.

So I looked up the transcript of the speech and I read it, and re-read it and I could not find the quote which I had thought I had read. And, unfortunately, I could not remember where I had read it.

But I kept googling and I found this link Obama's 'Big Brother' vanishes from speech

Wow. What "Big Brother" idea did Barry O put forth that his campaign was so afraid that they omitted it from the transcript?

Here it is:

Democrat Sen. Barack Obama's stunning assertion in a recent speech that the U.S. needs a "civilian national security force" that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force is not included in published transcripts of his prepared remarks.

Actual Transcript:

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Basically, what Obama is talking about is creating a Committee for the Defense of Liberal Ideology and Political correctness funded by a half trillion taxpayer dollars.

National Security for this crowd is not about stopping terrorists from killing our children. National Security means to teach our children to understand the terrorists and their motivations so that our children can learn how to live their lives submissively so as not to offend the sensitivities of the very sensitive America haters.

Their version of National Security is to force you to act for the common good of society and not in your own best interest. Since this goes against human nature, the half trillion dollar “Civilian National Security Force” will have to force Americans to change their nature and create a new citizen that is self sacrificing and collective in nature-an ant-like new man, like Che's and Fidel's new man.

This concept is eerily similar to the Castroite CDR block snitch network that I grew up with only better funded and more ideologically pure. Next thing you know Barry O. will set up “field schools” where middle school children will have to go on month long stays to cultivate the bio fuels that will replace gasoline...

So when I'm President, I will set a goal for all American middle and high school students to perform 50 hours of service a year, and for all college students to perform 100 hours of service a year. This means that by the time you graduate college, you'll have done 17 weeks of service

No wonder Fidel calls him the more "advanced" presidential candidate.
Be afraid, be very afraid. No, on second thought get angry.

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Anonymous said...

I like this blog, but you come off as paranoid. I'll bet you millions that your assertions will not come true, even if obama is elected.

You are reading too much into this, trust me.