26 August 2008

Free Gorki!

One of the bravest people I have ever seen is Gorki. It takes incredible courage to stand up to the Castro regime with nothing but your music and your convictions and Gorki has , defiantly and with his head held up.

He has fought communism with his profanity laced righteous rage against the regime.

His lyrics fuel non conformity with the collective and are in turn fueled by the individual genius-something that strikes at the very heart of the beast.

His profane poetry has parodied the faithful castrator with porno-phallic imagery and ridiculed his classless society without class.

He has made us smile and admire him and now its time for us to stand up and fight for him.

Gorki needs two things:

1.International Awareness to let the regime know that leaving him in jail is bad for business.

2.Legal representation with Cuban lawyers that know how to manipulate the system to their advantage.

He has not been charged with any real crime. He has been charged with "dangerousness." A social nuisance that will eventually commit a crime. This "non-crime" results when the neighbor snitches single you out for antisocial behavior.

He will most likely get a four year sentence at a municipal trial. A smart lawyer with experience could get the sentence reduced, but it is crucial he's represented by someone who knows how to manipulate the system and garner a lot of attention so that it can be appealed at the provincial level.

Camilo Loret de Mola from Penultimos Dias was on TV today explaining the dangerousness charge and how important it is for Gorki to get help NOW!

Charlie Bravo is setting up a defense fund to help his band mates and his family get a lawyer HERE.
BUCL is coming together to continue the press blitz to get awareness for Gorki. You can help do that HERE

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Charlie Bravo said...

Do you have plans for tomorrow night?

Mañana hay un concierto en el protestódromo en el malecón frente a la Oficina de Intereses, invitamos todo aquel que quiera unirsenos para aprovechar esta congregación y gritar GORKI a que estemos ahí entre las nueve y las diez de la noche. Hasta ahora estaremos allí todos sus amigos.

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