01 August 2008

Is that’s the best you can do? …. Please! UPDATED:Egg on Gusano Face


Ok, So I'm paranoid.... the reason so many Cuban-American sites were not were working was not because of regime hi-jinks, but because of Microsoft lo-tech.

Most of us Cuban American bloggers use sitemeter to track visits and they updated their scripts yesterday without taking into account a bug in Microsoft EI 7.0.

Ramiro wasn't the culprit, it was that other unscrupulous capitalist, Bill Gates. The world doesn't revolve around the Cuban blogosphere! Leason Learned.

Thanks to the reader that took time out to alert me.

Use Firefox, folks.

If your Internet Explorer will not open this blog, download Mozilla Firefox and you can get in that way.

Cuban state security was bored tonight so they blocked access to many Cuban-American blogs through MS Iternet Explorer.

Poor kids. They have to do what they’re told or else…..

The sad part is that with their computer knowledge, these kids would be making a decent living anywhere else in the world, but they're stuck in Cuba being paid slave wages by Ramiro Valdes and forced to do his bidding.

Parece que a los niños de Ramiro los tienen perdiendo el tiempo jugando a hackers esta noche…

Muchachos…yo entiendo que ustedes tienen que hacer los que les ordenen.

Pero con tanto talento deben de dejársela a Ramiro en la mano y cruzar el charco. Por lo menos aquí pagan buen dinero, no la miseria que le pagan a ustedes.

Ustedes saben que los queremos y se les espera con los brazos abiertos siempre.

¡Viva Cuba Libre!

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