13 August 2008

Lies and Revised History

In case you didn’t read it all over the internet, today is Fidel Castro’s birthday.

It says everywhere he’s turning 82. That’s the official party line, the official lie.

That Fidel was born a bastard on August 13, there is no doubt. The year he was born and thus his real age, is another story.

One would be right in arguing that the year of his birth is irrelevant since it would not bring back the thousands of dead or erase the suffering that the birth of this bastard son of a wealthy Spanish plantation owner and his underage cook has caused. But, there’s no point in blindly repeating another of Castro’s lies and there is a point in highlighting how just about everything in the Cuban revolution is a myth including its leader’s age.

Early last year, Dr. Mario Beira, a Cuban-American psychoanalyst and childhood friend shared his extensive research on the circumstances of Castro’s birth with me and convinced me that Fidel was really born in 1927, not 1926 as he claims. That would make him 81 today, not 82 as is being reported.

Last year, on Castro’s birthday, the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies’ Brian Latell tried to set the record straight and referenced Dr. Beira’s work as to when Castro acquired his new “birthday.”

In this short excerpt from Dr. Beira’s work, we find that not only did Fidel have many birth certificates, but also different names.

… Fidel’s birth was not registered or recorded in any legal document until January 19 of 1935, when the child was baptized, at the age of seven and a half, in the city of Santiago de Cuba. His baptism certificate records his name then as Fidel Hipolito Ruz Gonzalez. As Furitati reports, Fidel was not allowed to receive the paternal surname (Castro) as his parents had not yet legally married (pg 48).

According to Furiati, three birth certificates were subsequently created for the boy. The first, in 1938, registers his name as Fidel Casiano Ruz Gonzalez, that is to say, with Casiano, rather than Hipolito, as his middle name. The next certificate – redacted on May 10th of 1941, when Fidel was a teenager – reveals Castro receiving for the first time the name by which he is known today: Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. [i]

Fidel Hipolito Casiano Ruz Gonzalez Alejandro Castro Ruz who as we all know was born on the 13, (26÷2), goes on to build a whole revolutionary mythology around the number 26, He started to plan the revolution on the 52 year (26x2) And started it on the 26th of July when he was 26 years old.

Of course, once Fidel took control, he had the power to go back and rewrite the historical records to support whatever personal myth he wanted to create for himself, including re-writting biographies.

Fidel Hipolito Casiano Ruz Gonzalez Alejandro Castro Ruz’s own recreated history may absolve him and cover up his tracks, but the truth will come to light and convict him.

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