19 August 2008

Jokers To The Right ...

Now that Russian Emperor Putin has decided to recapture Russia’s old Soviet Glory, it has become clear that the cold war is back on.

President Bush is often ridiculed for saying that he looked into Vlad’s eyes, getting a “good sense of his soul.” Bush never said what he saw in that dark abyss, apparently isn’t wasn’t all puppies and pan cakes.

He promptly went on to push for further NATO expansion into former Warsaw Pact territory in Eastern Europe.

Even before Russia’s “humanitarian incursion” into Georgia, the Ruskies started making noises about turning Cuba into a Russian client state, once again.

In this Chicago Tribune op-ed, Dennis Byrne jokingly suggest that the US counter the Russian’s Georgian land grab with a land grab of our own-Cuba:

Russian boss-man Vladimir Putin probably figured he scored a big one for his reawakening empire by barging into the pro-Western, democratic nation of Georgia.
Fine, if that's how Putin Bonaparte wants to play it, we'll take . . . hmmmm . . . Cuba. We'll roll right in, just like the Russian tanks and fleet rolled into Georgia, and say, "Hello, Fidel. Good-bye Fidel."

Wishful thinking, but it will never happen. Americans, you see, worry about what the Russians and the rest of the world think of them and long ago when Khrushchev looked into the soul of a young American President, he saw weakness which resulted in an assurance that the US would never depose Fidel. And so it goes.

Interestingly, Byrne, who sounds like a conservative or neo-conservative at the very least, wades into leftist territory and manages to get a dig in on the Cuban exile community:

Who has a greater interest in securing the liberties of the Cuban people than the tens of thousands of Cubans living in America whose gifts of billions to relatives back home is what has kept Castro's pathetic communist utopia going?

Ouch! Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…only It's so hard to keep a smile on my face.

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