26 March 2008

Afraid of Yoani

I’ve haven’t been able to post on the blogs for a few days, but thanks to the “wild colt” of the world-wide-web, I have been able to keep up with events in Cuba.

I keep reading articles about how Raul is doing this and doing that. Treading water , my friends.

For a while there I was in agreement, but discussing the state of affairs over a few cold ones the other day with a friend, we cane to the agreement that things can’t be that secure in Castrolandia when they are of afraid of this little lady:

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Anonymous said...

i can remember that a few other US based Miami cuban blogs were (are?) very very suspuicious of this lady.

They insinuated some real bad stuff about her (e.g. abajo fidel, babalu). So seems like she's getting it from both sides now.

Please civilize your brethern.