05 March 2008

Cheesy Deal With The Devil

Fidel the ever faithful Marxist is, of course, all about “the masses”.

The “masses” are clamoring for food, to be able to travel, to join the rest of humanity in the 21st century and finally leave the fabulous 50’s behind.

But it is not to be. Not in Cuba. Things will not change there, at least not substantially until the tyrant is dead and incinerated.

So what are the Cubans to do? Well for them to forget their many troubles, Fidel is importing some opium as a diversion. The opiate of the “masses”- religion.

Fresh on the heels of Cardinal Bertone’s odious visit to the island, we learn that more ecclesiastical reinforcements are on the way.

As the next step in the Church’s “investment” in Cuba, the regime is entering into a partnership with 4 German monks who they have granted permission to build a monastery near Havana. Talk about a deal with the Devil:

The four monks will be provided by the Missionary Benedictines, also known as the Ottilien Congregation, an order of monks with its world headquarters at Landsberg am Lech, west of Munich.

I hope the monks took a vow of hunger or brought their own food. I’m sure they’ll find that everyday life in Cuba is perhaps more austere and lacking in material comfort than life in the monastery.

So what’s in it for the tyrant?

Well, Castro, supposedly agreed to the partnership before he “retired” last month, but with a caveat:

It was understood that Castro had insisted that one of the four monks with farm experience be skilled in cheese-making.

And of course, the church bent over backwards to please the cheese loving despot.

Maybe Hatuey was on to something…

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