03 March 2008

Cuba And Globalization

Ever since the Soviet Union collapsed under its own heaviness, commies, leftists and guilty rich kids all over the globe have been whining, complaining and demostrating.

Their main goal is to stop progress and prevent people from living comfortable and productive lives.

Once people are relatively happy and gain some financial independence, they quickly lose the need for Marxism’s envious ideology. After all, Marxism dogma of no private property is an easier sell to the have-nots than the haves.

The Soviet Union is no longer around to check the power of the free-enterprise system, so we have all these slackers running around warning us about the evils of hard work, success and profits. They preach against Globalization, Global Warming, American Hegemony, etc.,-all ways to stop progress and the spread of wealth to buy some time until they can regroup and make a comeback.

So where do all these disillusioned leftists go to commensurate about their losing streak?
Why the last bastion of Socialism-Cuba.

Havana, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) Some 1,000 experts from 50 countries are to attend in this capital Monday the International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems, amid a panorama of economic uncertainty and high oil prices.

Now, ironically if they want to look at development problems, they’re in the right place. But these folks aren’t interested in developing anything. Their idea of progress is to stop development because it serves their purposes.

Also on the ironic front is the “high oil prices” since the biggest reason for oil prices jumping in the last couple of weeks has to do with Hugo Chavez’s ignorance, belligerence, and saber rattling. Hugo is , of course, the most fervent if not vocal anti American Hegemony and Free Market critic around.

And even more ironic is that they will be discussing:

The US recession's impact on economies of the Latin American and Caribbean countries, and the international situation due to the explosion of the private debt and the real estate sector are among the lectures of the meeting.

In other words, they’re going to lecture “on private debt” and “real state” in a country where it is illegal to have either. Maybe they’re going to suggest the abolition of private property as a solution to the “private debt” problem and the nationalization of all real state as a solution to the real state bust. They can call the conference “Muerto el perro, se acabó la rabia”.
Pero, sigue la peste-digo yo.

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