17 March 2008

The Chinese Model

A friend of mine was telling me she went to see “Bodies-The Exhibit”, which is being shown in Fort Lauderdale, this weekend.

This is a big deal. Thousands of free and enlightened Americans flocking to see plasticized corpses in various stages of dissection, posed as if they were performing different activities, supposedly for education’s sake. For macabre entertainment and making a buck is more like it, if you ask me.

The bodies used for the exhibit all came from somewhere in The People’s Republic of China. The “stars” of the show all donated their bodies to science so they could be used in this traveling cadaver circus. Yea, right.

And we all accept as fact, without questions or reservations, that in a country where there is no rule of law, where there are no civil rights and where the corrupt and illegitimate government imposes its will on the citizens with deadly force, that these bodies where “harvested” in an ethical and lawful way, according to our constitutional standards of law.

Leave it the communists to exploit its citizens even after death and to the free world to accept it in the name of entertainment and profits-no questions asked.

That is the Chinese Model that many believe Cuba is heading for. A society where citizens are mere means of production in a huge government conglomerate designed to maximize profits using a pool of captive slaves. By the mere accidental geographical location of their birth, millions are condemned to be wholly owned by the state- a resource to be used and exploited like any other. And everybody else looks the other way.

The looking the other way-“la vista gorda”-also occurs when the living slaves are taken off the reservation to perform and entertain the free men-free by the accidental geographical location of their birth, mind you, not by their deeds or sacrifices. Sometimes, though, the slaves don’t behave the way they are supposed to. This annoys the paying customers, the entertained.

For example, last week seven soccer playing Cuban slaves escaped form their communist masters while at an Olympic qualifying CONCACAF organized tournament in Tampa.

By the weekend, two knuckleheads, Andrew Hush and Jeff Rusnak who seem to have more passion for “The World Game” than for humanity were expressing their dismay that the Olympic qualifying tournament was ruined by defection of the seven Cubans. Drats! These two sports fans who were lucky enough to be born free are begrudging the fact that some who weren’t, took actions to achieve that freedom at the expense of their precious soccer tournament. Do they have any idea of the scrifice that you make by making the decision to defect? No. And they don't care. They just want to see soccer.

These two guys are representative of an egocentric and self serving society that values its pleasure and entertainment above the freedom, humanity and dignity of their fellow human beings. They would be in favor all Cuban teams playing their matches in a heavily guarded, maximum security concentration camp so that the athletes can only escape by dying….maybe.

Well, they’re going to get their wish this summer when the Olympics are held in Beijing, China-the World’s largest concentration camp. There, they have perfected the Model. They own you and exploit you even after you die. Then, you are free to travel the world in a cadaver circus.


Jose Aguirre said...

Excellent post Gusano! I hope that that the plight of los Tibetanos will help undermine the Games in China. With people exiled and enslaved the Chinese do not deserve to host any games!

Anonymous said...

" ... China-the World’s largest concentration camp."

Dude,that's a major hyperbole and essentially really offensive to real Halocaust survivors.

I know many anti-communist Chinese , they would not agree with you, not in slightest. Are you kidding? why conflate the process with jews.. you are sick.

El Gusano said...

Jose (anon from Bethesda,MD):

I'm not sick, but you're ignorant. Let me educate you so you don’t continue to embarrass yourself. Concentration camps were around long before the nazis stuck jews in them and are not unique to the holocaust. As a matter of fact, the first people put in concentration camps were Cubans. The concentration camp was invented by Gen. Valeriano Wyler in 1895 to incarcerate Cubans during the Cuban war of independence.I refer to China as the world’s largest concentration camp because the Chinese are somewhat free to move about inside China as long as they obey the authoritarian dictatorship that even dictates their reproduction. Workers in China are treated more like slave laborers than workers. The Chinese are at the mercy of their jailers.

I hope this helps.

Henry Gomez said...

Great post, but to be fair to Andrew Hush he completely retracted his column and apologized for not being informed.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, pero that guy in the pic has huge d__ck and he can play soccer with it? While dead? Nyo, se la comio el chino or should I say se lo comieron?! Hay, pero si es su pierna lol

Viva Cuba Libre !!!!!!!! I heard Cubans are getting toasters in two years, what progress!!!!!! $%@#$!@@#!!!!

Charlie Bravo said...

I wonder if the China execution bus also deliver the corpses to this high end taxidermist. Let's not give them any ideas.... because they could go to Cuba and even order than the executions are not conducted by firesquad so the bodies are not "damaged".
By the way, Henry, the building is la Coca Cola on Santa Catalina Avenue, reparto Casino Deportivo, La Habana Cuba. Goizueta started working there as a chemist back in the late fifties.
Actually Valeriano Weyler's innovation was copied by Winston Churchill, who implemented it in South Africa to imprison the Boers. Concentration camps are not a Nazi invention. They just took it a few notches over the bar, from low tech systems to pen human beings to high tech industries of mass murdering. That's their sole innovation in what regards to concentration camp: they "spiced them up" with German efficiency and German engineering in the worst example of industrialized murder of innocents, and even they went over all the barriers of morals to use them as medical "experimentation" grounds. The other regimes that got to the "medical experiment" phase were Stalin's (he wanted to cross humans with apes to create a veritable Ape Planet -like army of semi simians warriors) Castro ("vaccines" and serum of truth, and "creative" uses of electroshock, plus blood collection) and North Korea and China (genetical experiments) Horrible in ALL cases, from Valeriano's day to our days.