11 March 2008


When I found out about the Colombian raid in Ecuadorian territory that killed Raúl Reyes had also yielded intelligence that implicated Chavez and Correa as partners in crime with the narco-terrorist FARC, my first thought was $6/Gal gasoline.

Chavez and his bought and paid for friends in Latin America do not respect the rule of law and act accordingly. Here in the US, however, it’s a different story. And we, as such, do not do business with state sponsors of terror, at least when it’s blatantly obvious. The laptops and documents recovered in the Ecuadorian pretty much prove that Chavez and Correa are in bed with the “rebels”.

Now, the administration, who was content to tolerate Chavez’s dalliances and belligerences to keep the oil flowing and our SUV’s rolling, is being forced to investigate his involvement with the FARC. Chavez may get his wish after all. No business with the empire. This would be a serious short-term blow for his cash flow-until he finds other buyers that can refine his sour and sludgly crude- and could have serious repercussions in his client states, like Cuba. My guess is Hugo just became very expendable.

Now, I’m reading that not only is Chavez a state sponsor of terrorism, but that Correa’s Ecuador, is a state sponsored by terrorism.

Our own Taliban, here in this Hemisphere. Ecuadoristan.

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