05 May 2008

All wired up and no place to go…

I saw some footage of PC’s on sale at Cuban stores over the weekend. People were lined up in front of the window just to catch a glimpse of the incredible machine.

I think the price was something like $780. I had previously calculated that it would probably be closer to $1,200 when they went on sale.

The looks on the faces of these folks reminded me of the look in Ralphie’s face when he looks through Higbee's Department Store window at the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air display in “A Christmas Story”

The linked AP article says that Windows XP comes pre-loaded which is odd because of the embargo, Microsoft should not be able to sell its software in Cuba. And the same goes with just about all software-including games- which is just about all you’re going to be able to use these PC’s for since there is no internet connectivity in Cuba to speak of.

I guess it’s like getting a Porsche with no gas-at least you can sir inside and play the radio.

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