20 May 2008

The Newest New Man

Once Raúl crowned himself King Castro II and installed his knights of the retirement home domino table, he started to perform tricks designed to make it appear as if change was in the air. At first, I found the magic show insulting, but I grew to see that his magic tricks were acts of desperation designed to try to hold his crumbling kingdom together.

Each announced change was another little white flag admitting that the revolution and its leader had been wrong all along.

I came across this article over the weekend –another white flag

According to the article, the regime has admitted that the new man that Fidel set out to create not only did not materialize, but the citizen that resulted from their oppression and indoctrination is incapable of contributing to modern society.

Their solution is to “prepare its citizens”

Juventud Rebelde, the newspaper, reported that the Cuban National Assembly has formed a 43-member commission which will develop an "integral plan for educating citizens" about civil society, in order to strengthen civic knowledge and awareness about the organization of Cuban society

Cubans were ill informed about "many issues" of civil society, assembly President Ricardo Alarcon was quoted as saying.

So you see, every facet of the Cuban citizen’s life has been controlled since the early sixties by a Stalinist Totalitarian regime, but now it’s the citizens that need “re-educating.” It’s not the system that breeds apathy, corruption and incompetence, it’s the people who need more training.

"The project is inextricably entwined with the present and future of socialism in Cuba,"

This means that more sacrifices need to be made in order save socialism again.

The “newest” man needs to be created. One that will work harder, obey better, complain less and sacrifice more for the common good.

This is about as stupid as hanging an “Under New Management” sign outside a penitentiary.


Fidel pro democracy said...

But it is only that, "old New management" in the biggest prision in the world.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Common good? The more collectivist the nation the farther away the people are to anything "good." I'm hoping Americans will wake up, realize we have also become a cradle to an earlier that hoped for grave collectivist nation. This is the reason our economy is in the dumper - collectivist central planners! I just hate them! I hate the Cuban ones! I hate the American ones! If I came across any #@!0)ing Martian ones I'd hate them too. But you rank and file American and Cuban slaves who have been duped by these lying collectivist dogs like Castro, McCain, Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc. I feel no hatred or malice for. I feel sorry for those conned by the snake oil con men. Just because these central planning dogs all have television broadcasting stations it does not make them virtuous. It just means they can spread ignorance more widely.