14 May 2008

¡Hasta La Cuenta Bancaria Siempre!

Socialist Hollywood has been down in the dumps since the collapse of the USSR and the Soviet Block.

The scripts about Socialist Utopias have all been proven to be propaganda, pipe dreams and well, science fiction. So they have been relegated to producing movies where the free market system and the US are the bad guys and nobody goes to see them.

I guess because of the relative success of “The Motorcycle Diaries” where the butcher Che was idolized and immortalized, they have decided to continue to make movies on the 50’s revolutionary movement-the communist plot to take over Latin America.

The latest movies are two Steven Soderberg biopics on t-shirt icon Che Guevara.

Casting an actor to play a historical figure has always interested me because I like movies and I can’t stand it when they cast someone to play a real person that doesn’t ressemble them. Sometimes they do too good a job. For the rest of my life, Malcolm X will look like Danzel Washington.

Che is being played by Benicio Del Toro…

Hmmm..I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s much of a resemblance. The bloated Che, maybe.

In one of Soderberg’s movies current Cuban dictator Raúl is a character and he’s being played by Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro. A lot of Bull in these movies , no? (Del Toro, Santoro - come on! it's hard to pun in Spanglish...)

Anyway, this is Santoro:

Hehehe doesn’t look much like Raúl, does he?

OK, here’s another pic of Santoro.

Ok, I get it. Typecasting.

¡Hasta La Cuenta Bancaria Siempre!

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