24 May 2008

Nano Nano

The Cubans are in India on a shopping spree. That means that they’re there to steal since the regime never pays its dents. They default, restructure, re-restructure-finance but never pay.

One of the items that the “shoppers” are looking to buy is Indian manufactured cars.

The Tata Nano. The world’s cheapest car. A glorified two cylinder riding lawnmower with an aluminum shell that can go in reverse.

Of course, it will cost more to ship the Nano to Cuba than the $2,500 that the car is expected to retail for.

But it will look great next to the plastic petro garden sheds that the regime is starting to build. Hell, one of these Nano babies fits inside of of Sam's Club Garden Sheds. I mean, that's what most people but inside their garden sheds-their lawn mower. Maybe thay can sell the Nano-Garage included for $3,500.

As Raúl starts to loose his grip on his precarious power, Cuba will probably start to partner with companies like Tata to manufacture products like the Nano for its population and for Latin America and the Caribbean. Raúl has already started down the road of making small concessions to the Castro dogma in order keep the population from revolting. This of course, raises expectations, which leads to more concessions, etc.

I look forward to the Nanos to be everywhere on the island just to see the interesting names that Cubans will come up with for them. The tourists from Canada and Europe however, may be disappointed because even a small improvement to the island’s dismal transportation problems will interfere with the quaint Soviet style nostalgic ambiance that attracts so many of them to the island.


Henry Louis Gomez said...

Orson, are there Orson? Come in Orson?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the condension in your tone - i guess all right--wingers are the same - cuban or not -

all of ya'll are against small "non macho" cars.

You guys need shot-guns and big ugly cars , pick-ups to get it up no?

maybe some chew too.

and maybe a vacation in northern Fl., Kentucky or better yet Arkansas! well hooowdy do doi.
whoo hooooooo

Nano seems cool to me.. love to have it!

Fantomas said...

oye eso no debe gastar nada en gasolina, se ven bien pero si te coge un 18 wheeler te hace picadillo


Henry Louis Gomez said...

Anonymous idiot, the author of that post is a Democrat. But here's a thought for your little brain: how about letting Cubans decide for themselves what kind of cars to buy when they have enough money to buy them? For Cuba that would be a REVOLUTIONARY idea.