10 May 2008


Gusanito went to see Radiohead on Monday and was showing me some pictures from the outdoor show at the Cruzan Amphitheater.

Looking through some of the concert pics on Flikr, we came across this one:

Man! what do we Cubans need to do to get this kind of world-wide awareness and understanding of our plight for freedom?

Should we all convert to Buddhism? Hmmm…some culinary sacrifices for la Patria…wouldn’t affect me since I’ve been a vegetarian for years, but the rest of you guys….¡que ba!

It would also mean trading in our guayaberas for an orange toga…our cigars for incense…our passionate “discussions” for meditation…our espiritismo for re-incarnation…our “la gloria” for Nirvana…

But most importantly, it would require the Cuban priests to take to the streets and confront the regime in a self immolating act of sacrifice. Instead we get the church humbly asking for a little space in the airwaves.

Ahh, maybe the price is too high. Still, me muero de la envidia.

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Anonymous said...

But cubans have not protested like Tibetan.

also, I would still suspect that the majority of cubans support the current regime (yes, they are machoists).

Go to Cuba now, do your homework, talk to ordinary Cubans, there just isn't the ground-swell of anti-castro support. This is unfortunately not my interpretation, but a fact.

Part of the reason, average cubans want change, but are still somehow supportive regime is US embargo and the cultural sense that us to blame (we are not to blame, but try to convince an average cuban of that on the streets of habana).

The news we get here is biased, especially from nuevo herald and worse the bloggers. They make it seem that there is all this unrest in Cuba.

I wish there was. I wish they were taking to the streets. But the majority could care less. That want change , but are very supportive of the current system.

I know this, b/c I visited my mother in law there last year. I talk to all the folk in the fiestas, you know, informally, they just don't have anger like us in miami.