08 May 2008

Pink Brujeria?

While a boy in Cuba, I noticed that many people “dabbled” in Santeria. I don’t know how things were before Fidel, but afterwards, many people in desperation turned to “espirtistas” and “babalaos” to garner some other-worldly edge to get out of the captive island by participating in rituals, rites and spells called “trabajos”.

Santeria seemed rampant to me when I was growing up in Havana and I had lets say, a healthy respect for the practice. Santeria was out in the open whereas there was little chance of receiving a formal Catholic catechism.

In my superstitious childish mind Fidel was God’s punishment for Cubans breaking the first commandment by practicing Santeria.
When I was very little, I lived right across the street from a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall-a house really- and we kids would listen to the sermons about the evils of Santeria and the occult and just about everything else. Sometimes the older kids would scream and throw things in the house, but it didn’t phase them.
Anyway, it seems that Code Pink and its Fidel loving leader have decided to resort to Brujeria to stop the Marines from recruiting in the Left Coast People’s Republic of California.

Code Pink is now resorting to witchcraft to beef up the number of its supporters protesting Berkeley's controversial Marine Corps Recruiting Center.
The women's anti-war group has told ralliers to come equipped with spells and pointy hats Friday for "Witches, clowns and sirens day," the last of the group's weeklong homage to Mother's Day.
"Women are coming to cast spells and do rituals and to impart wisdom to figure out how we're going to end war," Zanne Sam Joi of Bay Area Code Pink told FOXNews.com.
I’m sure the Marines are shaking in their boots.

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