05 December 2007

Fairy Tales Can Come True ...

It Can Happen To Hu..................................................go Chavez....



I was reading Carlos Alberto Montaner’s latest reflection-better his than you know who’s-on Chavez’s defeat and I wound up laughing out loud on one of his observations.

In the piece entitled, in Spanish, “They Finally Shut Him Up” Montaner praises the Spanish King for coming up with the campaign slogan that became a rallying cry for Chavez’s opposition: ¿Por que no te callas?

He likens the King’s exchange with Chavez as a reverse fairytale, because it was the King pointing out that it was the peasant who was wearing no clothes. He,he,he.

Meanwhile, world leaders, dignitaries and leftists continue to want to dress the naked Chavez up in the clothes of a Democrat.

They are giving him thanks, praise, kudos and accolades for admitting his defeat at the polls and accepting the will of the people.

Pluheez…as an elected official, that’s what is expected of him. He’s just doing his job. And not very well, apparently, since by some accounts he had to be pushed into accepting his loss.

And the whole point of the blessed referendum was to establish a constitutional dictatorship so he wouldn’t work for the people and the people would work for him.

What nonsense!

Ok, so I go from laughing to being infuriated in the time it took me to write this.

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