19 December 2007

Oh, Oh Hugo…

Hugo has been summoned to Havana “‘pa leerle la cartilla”-read him the riot act.

Now that Raul has shown Hugo who’s the “top” in their relationship by exposing his “campaign contributions” to other countries and by leaking the embarrassing truth about how and why he had to concede defeat in the constitutional reform referendum earlier this month and maybe even ensuring the referendums defeat by undermining the voting fraud and count manipulation, Hugo has to go to Havana and give an accounting of his actions to Fidel. Over lunch.

Hugo was hoping to dress Fidel up in fatigues again to join him at the opening of the Cienfuegos refinery on Friday; something which would put the Cubazuela idea back on track, but it doesn’t look like Raul is going to let his brother change out of the Adidas tracksuit just yet.

Fidel still exercises control over Granma and Mesa Redonda, where he’s more than happy to contradict Raul and back Hugo, but that’s as far as it goes.

I’m still hearing rumblings that Fidel wants to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the revolution’s triumph in green fatigues and combat boots.



Charlie Bravo said...

El almuerzo fue sopa de jicotea.

El Gusano said...

por que no hay viagra en labana?

Charlie Bravo said...

No, por lo de los santos y el fin de año (y el fin del ano, eso tambien) Se salvo chavez, porque se comen cosas muy diferentes en compañia de raul!

El Gusano said...

hehehehe fin de ano--ta bueno. oh por los santos...oi decir que esa fue una de las "recetas" de un santero..gotcha..i'm slow sometimes.
I'm getting myself ready for the pics and or videos tomorrow

Juan Cuellar said...

Get ready tomorrow. I'll bet he will show himself in pajamas, pink or red with little black dots, like el 26 de julio flag. For lunch rabo encedido with yuca and for dessert, un tres leche. Raul will joint willingly. Randy Alonso Falcon will brake the news with rolling his eyes with a morbid look. What a show...What a spectacle!