03 December 2007

No Election Magic For Chavez

I stayed up way past my bedtime last night waiting for the official results from Caracas.


By 10:00 pm EST, it was pretty much obvious by the actions of the Chavistas that the “NO” had probably won.
But I jast had to wait and see if Hugo was going to magically pull a rabbit out of the his chavista hat. No rabbit. Chavez was Lapin-Less, excuse my french.

The Venezuelan opposition and ex-Cuban intelligence agents that have defected claim that Chavez has padded the voter rolls and that his electronic voting machines are programmed to use the extra votes to pad the margin of victory.

If this is true, then how on Earth could the “NO” have won? It would mean that the people that have supported Chavez in the past either abstained or voted against his reforms in such numbers that even the padding wasn’t enough to overcome the opposition.

A lot of conspiracy theories this AM:

According to the exit polls quoted in Miami’s Mega TV, the “NO” margin of victory should have been more like 5.4%. A face saving deal for Hugo brokered by Baduel?

Some cynical ex communists I know believe that Raul’s programmers in Venecuba assured Hugo’s defeat just to show him who’s in control.
Some even say that Chavez, by losing, wins because he now can claim to be a democrat, not a dictator wannabe whose 21st Century socialism is nothing but a cheap knock off of the Cuban tragedy

Which brings me to my point.

In Havana, the grieving regime touted Chavez’s defeat as proof of a “demonstration of the Revolution’s ethics”-because he has promised to abide by the results … "for now." As if that crowd knew anything about ethics or carrying out the will of the people or giving the people an opportunity to express their will, for that matter.

I don’t know what they actually printed in today’s toilet paper ration since I only see Granma international’s online edition, but isn’t that just rubbing the Cuban people’s nose in it?

Letting Cubans know that in Venezuela ordinary citizens, with rights, can express their will at the polls while they in Cuba can just imagine what that would be like-if they even comprehend the concept. And lamenting that people of Venezuela didn’t vote away what’s left of their democracy ,and be like Cubans, for an extra day off and more government subsidized social programs is humiliating to the Cuban people who have been without a true voice since 1952.
Descarados. No tienen Vergüenza.

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