15 December 2007

Mama, Yo quiero Saber....

Donde estan los cantantes
Que se les escaparon a Los Galanes
y los quieren devolver
Fue su fuga fasinante y la china los quiere prender...

Donde estaran,
Ay mama
Estaran en la Yuma
Estaran en la saguesera
o en la Ciudad que Progresa

Estan en la Yuma y cantaran en los Cayos
Ya Veras
Mama ya estan en la Yuma
Mama cantaran en los Cayos
Mama ya estan en la Yuma
Mama cantaran en los Cayos

And so.... just like he sent out his troops to recover the two boxers who tried to escape their master at the Pan American games and return them to their rightful owner, Fidel, Brazilian President and Fidel admirer, Lula da Silva, has now ordered them to search for the three Cuban musicians, singer Miguel Angel Costafreda and guitarists Juan Alcides Diaz and Arodis Verdecia Pompa, who also want to escape Castro's slavery.

They're already setting up the deportation, like they did with the boxers, based on expired visas.

Aside from the fact that it's ridiculous that in this day and age Cubans can't freely travel anywhere in violation of the UN Charter, there are many foreign governments that are all too willing to accept Castro's position that all Cubans are property of the Cuban State.

By accepting the conditions by which visiting Cubans are handled, watched and repressed on their sovereign soil, these governments are complicit to Castro's tyranny and oppression. The day that all free governments refuse to accept Castro's rules and stop legitimizing his totalitarian regime, we will be one step closer towards a free Cuba.

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