21 December 2007

Photo Op

On Wednesday, Fidel and Hugo had lunch. I expected to be barraged with a bunch of pictures yesterday with accompanying articles telling me how well the recuperating Fidel looks. And nothing. Today nothing still. There were only news accounts that Chavez and Castro met again for 2 1/2 hours.

No pics, no videos, no quotes, no nothing from the recuperating dictator who has been recuperating now for 18 months.

And all this nothing after Chavez had bragged that Fidel would re-appear in public when the Cienfuegos refinery was re-inaugurated.

I guess Fidel is not looking his best these days.


Charlie Bravo said...

I am wondering if Naomi Campbell will hit him with her telephone during the interview that she plans to land with Castro for the British edition of G. Q.
Maybe we are lucky and she gets to kill him.
Because.... the media wants to kill castro with love, smothering him with love will do good indeed (a pillow with the word Love embroidered in it's sham, that is)

St. Jose said...

El fin se acerca, por eso no hubo ni fotos ni nada.

Merry Christmas!!!

Alfredo said...

apparently the apartheid dictatorcizes have not worked! The dictator is gone..history..not shown in public for many months.