11 December 2007

Scene of the Crime

The “Big Brother” tactics of the castro regime have been on full display recently. With churches getting raided, dissidents roughed up and detained, visiting human rights activists deported, etc.

It used to be that these crimes happened in obscurity and silence.

But the world has changed.

The wall that big brother Fidel had built around his "animal farm" to keep onlookers form witnessing his crimes is, like everything else on the island, beginning to crumble.

Brave independent journalists and activists in Cuba grew tired of not having their story told by a complicit international press that censored itself from reporting the plight of the Cuban people either out of fear of Fidel, ideological kinship or both. Castro’s victims, using today’s technology and with the help of foreign exiles and sympathizers have found a way to get their stories out to the rest of the word through small holes in big brother’s wall.

The international press, who was content at basically being press agents for the regime, has begun to realize that they are being beat to the story by a motivated alternative press with an urgent agenda to get the truth out. This has caused them to react. They are starting to report on the criminal acts of Castro inc. They have no choice, thanks to the courage of Cuban dissidents and competition in the news marketplace that has shined a gigantic spotlight on the island waiting to see what happens next now that Fidel is no longer running the farm.

The regime itself has been forced to change its tactics and do some major damage control because the crimes are being reported. Long incarcerations after sham trials are a thing of the past. Just last week, the regime the regime apologized for the desecration of a Santiago de Cuba Curch, Santa Teresita. Crocodile tears, I know, but tears nonetheless. And yesterday, it announced it plans to sign two UN Human right accords.

They know they are being watched.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

They now only try to stall to stave off the inevitable. They are worthless to the Cuban people. But you bloggers have loads of valuable things to give the Cuban people - once the beard and the pedophile are gone.