18 December 2007

A Minute in the Life of a Gusano Updated

I ran into and old Cuban neighbor. He’s about the same age as Fidel.

He usually takes his morning walk just about the time I go to work. Today he happened to walk by just as I was getting in my car. He says “¿pa la pega?” to which I replied “que remedio no me queda”-one good qliche deserves another. And that’s usually the extent of our conversations.

But today, he asked me if I heard anything about Cuba…so I told him about Castro’s cryptic little message on mesa redonda last night.

He says “you know, yesterday was San Lazaro”. “Christ raised Lazarus from the dead” “Fidel is a santero, you know” “You see?” No, not really but the guy’s in his eighties so I nod politely – “he’s raising himself from dead on San Lazaro. I tell you”

Just then, another neighbor, on his way to work, drives by and waves. We wave back.

The old guy asks me what we were talking about. I say Fidel’s note.

He ponders my response and says “you can’t pay attention to those guys they’re a bunch of liars!”


Calling all Cryptologysts………

Treachery…Power Struggles…Misinformation…Santeria…Chocheria….

What to make of Crypt keeper Castro’s cryptic message read on mesa redonda last night?.

Well, like my neighbor says, you shouldn’t even listen to liars.

But, what do you make of this?:

The White House said Tuesday that democracy would "soon" come to Cuba, one day after ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in a letter read on television there that he would not cling to office.

"It's an interesting letter. It's hard to make out what he is saying or what he means, as is not unusual, and so we're just continuing to work for democracy on the island and we believe that that day will come soon," said spokeswoman Dana Perino.


Since they pretty much said the same thing as my old neighbor said, I’m heading to his house right after work to see if he can decipher this “soon” statement from the Whitehouse.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I think Kennedy also said he would return our flag in a Free Cuba lol and when was that said? Well I guess it's all on how you define soon.

Juan Cuellar said...

Gusano, Soon is from Middle English soone, from Old English sOna; akin to Old High German sAn.

Sona suena mucho a la palabra Son, que viene del latin Sonus que le da meaning al vecino que te dijo "Sonus mentirosos" Su variacion del German - SAn-, le da cierta razon al otro vecino cuando te hablo de San Lazaro, lo unico que confundio al Lazaro resucitado por Cristo al Lazaro de las llagas y los perros lameandolo. El soon the la Casa Blnaca tiene el significado de Son, que son (sigue el son) los siguientes:

1. m. Sonido que afecta agradablemente al oído, con especialidad el que se hace con arte.

2. m. Noticia, fama, divulgación de algo.

3. m. pretexto.

4. m. Tenor, modo o manera. A este son. Por este son.

5. m. Cuba. Música popular bailable.

Take your pick.

Do I make sense?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

This letter supposedly written by Fidel used the past tense "lived" when addressing the era that Fidel "lived" in - not the era that he is supposedly still "living" in. Freudian slip showing? Perhaps...

Just a little warning to the junta...we'll be examining all of your lying Fidel papers for the flaws.

El Gusano said...

You guys are killing me!!!!
Juan: are you in Wittgenstein?