19 September 2006


Here’s a link to a L.A. Times article reprinted in the Sun-Sentinel.

“From the ground up ... Cuba is falling apart”

Finally someone in the MSM is spreading the thruth of the “decrepitude” of Cuba, in the LA times, no less.

HOWEVER…………… the writer, Carol J. Williams, seems to sugar coats the “decrepitude” in a way that deflects responsibility away from the tyrant…….maybe.

Ms Williams writes:

“Even as its economy booms thanks to a thriving tourism industry, brisk nickel exports and cheap oil from ideologically aligned Venezuela, the social benefits are difficult to see at street level.”

HMMM? She doesn’t come out and say that this is because the nomenklatura skims from the top and the rest of the money is reinvested in the repression of the Cuban People, but if the economy is “booming” and the things don’t change at street level……. She even lets one of the captives speak for the people:

"The problem is that the government owns everything, and people only take care of what is their own," says another moonlighting cabdriver, Arturo”
She adds:

“Some blame the decrepitude on the U.S. economic embargo that has blocked travel and the flow of goods to the island for nearly 45 years in an effort -- through nine U.S. administrations -- to starve Cuba into abandoning what Washington sees as a ruinous adherence to communism.

Few Cubans will talk openly about what might be wrong with a political and economic system that even in boom times can't keep the wheels of public transportation turning or the lights on -- especially since President Fidel Castro turned over power to his brother six weeks ago for surgery deemed a state secret. But they complain quietly that there is more to their urban squalor than the embargo or the loss of Soviet aid 15 years ago can explain.”
Yes, they know firsthand that socialism doesn’t work!

She then goes on to describe a society that has reduced its citizens to thievery in order to “resolver” a la Les Miserables and the apathy that communism breeds:
Decades of stoically making do with shortages and dysfunction have engendered a paralyzing passivity among Cubans, at least about the quality of their administrators and the political system that guides them.” (that’s actually a by-product of the repression)

Ms. Williams has this to say about the Miami Mafia:
“While Cubans succumb to the daily demands of resolving their food, shelter and finance problems, their former countrymen across the Florida Straits say they
expect to be called on to help when the next leadership takes on the massive
task of reconstruction.”

And this:

“Cubans have been taught to fear economic overtures from the exile community in Miami, where some who lost property to the revolution nurture hopes of reclaiming it after the Castro regime comes to a close and -- they believe -- a more democratic and free-market society emerges.

But with every third family thought to have relatives among the 1.2 million Cuban exiles in the United States, the younger generation has expectations of cross-straits

Yes. We are one people. And the younger generation realizes it.

Though the author doesn’t come right out and point to the regime as the cause for all of Cuba’s social and political evils, She spares us the usual MSM dribble about the healthcare and education systems, she doesn’t claim that the Miami Mafia wants to go back and claim was stolen from them and admits that the Cuban Captives realize that there’s more to their plight than the big bad USA and the embargo.

Maybe the light of thruth is finally dawning on the MSM. Maybe the train is leaving the station bound for a free and democratic Cuba and they want to get on before it leaves. ALL ABOARD, I say!

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